«MUSIC» Egnyte – “Fanago” ft. Solidstar @9jaboom


Ekobeats Recordsofficially releaseEgnyte’shighly anticipated song “Fanago”featuringBaby Jollof &My BodycroonerSolid Star.
Interesting Facts about Fanago
*.Fanagowas produced byMVP (Formally Known asVyruz)
*.Fanagois a follow up to Egnyte’s monster HIT song & video “EKWE”
*.InFanago, Egnyteserves us with the “Egnyte Special” mixing English, Lingala, French and Yoruba.. oh and the song tile is Ibo (means “It is all over”).
*.Solid Starhad to brush up on his French in delivering a flawless verse.
*.Fanagois a truly sumptuous and beautifully composed “African Song” with heavy drum beats , crazy baseline and lovely live guitar strings that give it that dance-able Makosa/African sound.
Egnyteonce again proves his international status as the only Nigerian artist who can sing in French, Lingala, Yoruba and English in a song… He has done songs in Spanish and Ibo.
Fanagois a remarkable effort from a consummate Pan-African International artistEgnyte, with mass appeal and fan base that spans across English speaking and Francophone countries.



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